Glen Dene can offer you great hunting and fishing packages as well as arranging all your private and corporate events

About The Family

Explore every nook and cranny of New Zealand if you wish, but there is not much to rival the view from Glen Dene one of the most scenic working high country farms in the South Island.

Richard and Sarah Burdon have opened up their home for you to soak up this unique kiwi experience. They offer you a glimpse into their interesting daily routine, an insight into the comings and goings of the farm in operation, a beautiful lunch and a tour round the landscaped garden. All of this is enjoyed in a family environment with their two children, Georgie and Charlie, and the dogs, Forrest & Lulu, providing some additional, usually unanticipated, fun. Glen Dene has been in the Burdon family for three generations.

It is the northern half of the original Mt Burke Station that George Burdon bought in 1929 to farm merino sheep. This he did successfully for fifty years until 1979 when it was decided that Mt Burke Station should be split in two. Jerry and Lesley, with their three small children Joanne, Richard and Andrea, moved to the newly built homestead of Glen Dene on the edge of Lake Hawea.

Sarah and Richard Burdon took over the management of Glen Dene in 2001 and have taken the farm to a new level both in terms of production and efficiently. They have also recognised the huge potential in diversification away from just farming and have embraced the opportunities that tourism today offers in this very popular part of the country. With stalking, fishing, trail bike riding, gameshooting and organised lunches in the garden on offer, people from world wide have travelled to this totally unspoilt part of the world to wonder at the magnificent scenery and enjoy some of the very best sport in the Southern Hemisphere.

Richard Burdon has a Diploma of Farm Management from. Lincoln University. First aid and mountain safety experience gained while at school in the cadet force and while at home in the mountains. Richard is also a director of Landward Management a resource management company based in Dunedin. Sarah Burdon is an Australian from the Claire Valley in South Australia. Both Richard and Sarah have travelled extensively after completing university. Sarah has an eco tourism Degree from Flinders University in Australia and is a fantastic cook.