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About The Farm

The Burdon family sees the future of Glen Dene is about management of the land, and continuing to improve the natural resources and saleable commodities that they produce through planned marketing structures. They are constantly aware of the importance of prudent planning of their management of the land so the production of pastures and livestock is sustainable. A great deal of emphasis is placed on weeds, pests and other animal health issues. These aspirations for their future are closely aligned with enjoying what they do along with the people who work with them.


  • Merino Ewes 3300
  • Merino Wethers 1000
  • Merino Hogget’s 1400



  • Cows 100
  • Ry2 heifers 20
  • Ry1 heifers 20



  • Breeding Hinds 1000
  • Ry2 Hinds 150
  • Ry1 Hinds 300
  • M/A Stags 120
  • Ry1 Stags 300


Total Stock units 9500


  • Irrigated Pastures 55
  • Dry Land Pastures 400
  • Plantations 30
  • Over sown & top dressed 2048
  • Native Pastures 5036
  • No grazing bush & high country 214
  • Buildings & yards 20

Total area 7800 hectares