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About The Garden

The Garden looks out on 60 kilometres of uninterrupted views over Lake Hawea and up to the Southern Alps. The Garden fits naturally into the landscape with it springs and natural gullies running either side of the homestead.

It all started in 1980 when the Homestead was built and the farming operation moved around to Glen Dene. It was a bare site with a few cabbage trees, scrub, plenty of rabbits and grazing animals.

The homestead and garden is located at the southern end of the Glen Dene property on the western shores of Lake Hawea. The surrounding glacial mountains consist mainly of sharp, leading spurs and gullies.

Lesley and Jerry Burdon moved to Glen Dene with their three children, Joanne, Richard and Andrea on 29 November 1979. All were willing to take up the challenge of managing this newly defined undeveloped property and open up the “Dene”. The Dene, which means deep wooded valley, has been significant throughout the Burdon family history. Through the years, they set out to plant trees on the property to make a garden at the homestead. This has proved to be a rewarding hobby.

The garden area covers some 5 hectares of land starting as you drive down off State Highway 6 to the Homestead. The Garden was designed by Lesley Burdon (Richard’s Mother) who was very active in the garden. She created the two ponds that are fed by a natural spring and with help created many of the dry stonewalls in the garden. The garden has starred in many of New Zealand Garden shows and magazines as it’s famous not only for its outlook but also for the plants that Lesley selected for the garden.

The garden flows right down to the beach area where it is landscaped to cater for lunches and entertaining clients at the beach. The garden is special to the family as it breaks you away from the farm, where there is always duties and jobs to be done, it provides fresh produce for the table and flowers for the house and is a wonderful playground for the children.