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Deer Stalking

Located between Lake Hawea and Lake Wanaka, in the heart of the high country, Glen Dene provides a unique and picturesque location.
The stag stalking season runs from 1st Feb to 30th June and the hind season from 30th June to 30th Sep. The peak stalking time is from March to June. Deer stalking is a traditional way of managing the red deer herd and plays an important role in conserving habitats and ensuring the long-term health of the wild deer population, as well as providing a valuable source of income for the station.

Having guides permanently based on the Station we are able to provide on short notice a number of stalking options in addition to unrivalled knowledge of the ground.
Being able to provide a full range of accommodation ( Waitoa House, Glen Dene and Silver Pine Lodge) prevents logistical problems, maintains quality control, and creates a feeling of involvement in the whole experience for clients. See accommodation for more details.

Richard who is the Managing Director of Glen Dene Station has had experience in game management in the United States and the United Kingdom while working on ranches in Oregon and on a Scottish Stalking Estate.

Richard has been fortunate to hunt in the U.S.A, Africa, Australia, England, Scotland and New Zealand. Richard has a keen interest in the management of Red deer and especially towards the management of the Red deer in Scotland, where the deer live in a very similar environment to that of Glen Dene’s deer. We are continually monitoring and managing the deer, mainly through stalking, where it is considered to be more the pleasure of having the animals present and the opportunity to be amongst the fresh air and scenery than the thrill of the kill.

It will be our aim for all our stalking clients to gain knowledge and experience not only in the practice of stalking, but also in the ecology of the deer. This will be part of the experience and education when you hunt with Glen Dene Adventures.

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Your responsibilities are:

  • You will need appropriate hunting attire.
  • Binoculars are good to carry so that you can glass the hillside during the Stalk.
  • A serviceable knife of appropriate design is always helpful.
  • If stalking in the evening, a torch to look for hair or blood signs
  • We recommend Icebreaker merino wool clothing, as Glen Dene are one of the farmer suppliers.
  • Film and plenty of batteries for your camera.
  • Sun cream and sunglasses for the extreme mountain light.
  • A warm jacket and hat for changing weather patterns.