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Species at Glen Dene

Stalking Red deer in New Zealand

Deer stalking/Hunting is a traditional way of managing the red deer herd and plays an important role in conserving habitats and ensuring the long-term health of our wild deer population, as well as providing a valuable source of income for our station. The stag stalking season runs from 1st Feb to 30th June and the hind season from 30th June to 30 th Sep. The peak stalking time is from March to May.


Tahr Hunting in New Zealand

Tahr are found mainly in the eastern southern Alps of South Island of New Zealand, our hunting is done mainly on private property with a guide. Access to these areas generally requires Helicopter transport and often a camp out in comfortable mountain hut. Tahr hunts are one of the great experience hunters can imagine having, seeing the New Zealand tahr environment during May-July, when the males are in winter pelage will leave you with a life long impression.

Chamois Hunting New Zealand

Chamois Hunting Glen Dene station, our property has always been a high light because of the scenery and quality of our managed herd of chamois that live on our high ground. Access to these areas can be done with Helicopters or with vehicles. chamois are a key species and a great challenge to hunt.

Fallow Deer Hunting in New Zealand

Done mainly in the Rut during Mid April to Mid May on private property, Access is by four-wheel drive or Quad, smaller than red deer and often difficult to hunt, as they tend to live close to forest and scrub edges. The colours vary on fallow deer and then change between seasons, all except white fallow.

Wild Boars in New Zealand

Hunting wild boars with a good keen guide and a team of dogs to find the pigs are great experience to take home. All our species are free game, fair chase hunts, you will need to train for this hunt.